Untitled Space – Ping Pong Urbanism

Co-founders of the English Ping Pong Association caught the ping pong bug whilst transforming empty urban spaces in social hubs for local communities in late 2010. Untitled Space and the great game have been inseparable ever since.

They set up the not-for-profit organisation to undertake small-scale, temporary interventions in urban space and bring the concept of “pop-up” projects into the external realm.

Their Ping Pong projects have flirted with some of London’s darker corners under the title of Hit & Run : Urban Ping Pong, which is part of a growing number of projects in cities across the world to embrace forms of tactical urbanism.  They promote the game of ping pong on social, architectural and cultural agendas, seeing it as a way of life for some, rather than a just a sport.

For a full overview and regular updates from Untitled Space visit their website here, or follow them on twitter or facebook, go on, do it!



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