The Young Offenders Institute

Running since 2007, the regular Young Offenders Institute nights continue to celebrate the holy trinity of Beer, Music, Ping Pong on the second Thursday of every month at Brick Lane’s 93 feet east.

The YOI version of ‘Round-the-Table’ ping pong works like this: give us a quid and we’ll give you a bat and two wristbands. The bat is for hitting the ball with. The wristbands represent your three lives (two bare wrists means you’re down to your last life).

Six people queue up at each end of the table, and the person at the front of one queue serves, then moves round to the right. Everyone has to get the ball over the net and onto the other side of the table when their shot comes, then move round to the right and join the queue again.

Miss and you lose a life. Lose three lives and the dream’s over. When it’s down to two of you, it’s alternate serves until someone’s out of lives. Last man standing is the winner. Or, if you like, King Pong. We’ll give you a ‘King Pong’ token, which will be good for a free drink at the bar.

Serves have to clear the net and hit both sides of the table. All other shots just have to hit the other side of the table.

The most important is to preserve the spirit of ping pong – it’s not about winning, it’s about keeping the ball on the table and the game going. So play nice.

For the latest from EPPA co-founders the YOI, keep checking their Facebook page and for a more complete history visit their original website.

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