The Next Big Ping – Flashmob Instructions

Thank you for taking an interest in The Next Big Ping, and the future of street ping pong. The Next Big Ping takes place on August 3rd 2012. Below you will find instructions to create your own ping pong street party.

1. Forward the invitation (below) to everyone in your networks. #NextBigPing

“The Next Big Ping! Read This and Send to All.
Play round-the-table ping pong at 1pm, 5pm or 8pm on August 3rd 2012 to be part of The Next Big Ping. Flashmob-style ping pong street parties taking place around existing tables and in underused spaces right across the country. To join the ping pong revolution and receive your instructions before the day visit or  Facebook / Twitter PingPongEngland  #NextBigPing”

2. Buy, borrow or beg or steal (not really) ping pong bats and balls for you and your friends 
(£1 each from here).

3. Locate a public place to play near you. Make a table, move a table, or use one of the dozens of existing tables already in public spaces shown on this map. Ping! still have many in place during the Olympics! (be sure to check which ones will still be in situ first)

4. Read the rules of round-the-table.

5. Print loads of these handy ping pong propaganda cards, ready to take with you on the day. They will help explain what you’re doing, and encourage other players and passers-by to join in. (Coming Soon)

6. Tell everyone you know – including us –  where you’ll be, when and what other people need to bring on August 3rd. You can reveal or conceal as much or little of the event as you like. Surprising people is half the fun.

7. Instigate games of round-the-table at 1pm, 5pm and 8pm at your chosen location to be part of a network of simultaneous bouncing ping pong parties. Talk to people, hand out bats and propaganda to encourage as many people as possible to get involved spontaneously. Its a street party, so play some music, drink some beers and enjoy yourselves!

8. Be sure to take photos and videos of your party, and share them with PingPongEngland. Join the social ping pong revolution, and find out why ping pong is important by visiting or follow PingPongEngland on Facebook or Twitter #NextBigPing. 

9. Encourage players and spectators to play again. Use our online group to stay in touch. Visit Plan-It Ping Pong or use the PingPongEngland facebook page

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