Guide to Social Pong

At the EPPA we love ping pong for many reasons – its simplicity, adaptability and inclusivity. Contrary to its cousin, the globally standardised sport of Table Tennis, Ping Pong has flourished in discreet corners and evolved to suit a multitude of unique different locations, conditions and people.

It has long been popular in basements and garages, more recently appearing in parks,  outdoor spaces and we’ve seen mass-participatory variants being re-imagined to be played by revellers in pubs, bars and clubs.

The game’s many identities are continuously evolving in tune with local social and cultural conditions. There has never been more people playing or a greater variety of places to play – many of which are absolutely free!

Over the next weeks the EPPA’s guide to urban and social ping pong will take shape on these pages. Keep an eye out for our regular blog posts, and watch these coming together to create a comprehensive guide aimed at the individual on a budget, right through to local authorities requiring guidance for establishing successful ping pong initiatives…

This will soon be your complete guide to making the most of ping pong’s resurgence. What’s on, where to play, how to include more people at once and plenty of good reasons why you should never venture out without a ball and at least a couple of bats. We’ll even tell you where you can buy your own bat for as little as £1 too…

We’ve started our guide with 10 Ways to Establish Ping Pong in Your Community.
More coming soon….

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