The Next Big Ping

Ping Pong has just got its own national day: Friday 3rd August is The Next Big Ping!

On Friday 3rd August 2012, The Next Big Ping, ping pongs first national day will get the whole country talking about and playing ping pong socially. We want you to help create a buzz around the game by bringing existing tables and underused spaces near you alive with the lively games of summer ping pong.

At the English Ping Pong Association, it is our firm belief that everyone should have access to free-to-play ping pong in their neighbourhood, and be taught how to get the best use out of it. A well implemented ping pong intervention, like the one in London Fields has many benefits; improving social cohesion, breaking though social tensions as well as benefitting individuals health and well being too.

The day is about having fun, meeting new people and playing loads of ping pong, but, it is also intended to raise important questions about the longevity of ping pong’s resurgence, highlight barriers preventing more local ping pong communities being established, and enabling people to overcome these obstacles, with a little support along the way.

We want you to get involved by organising an event, participating in one and spreading the word about Next Big Ping (see our guide to getting involved).
Your ping pong street party can be as simple or sophisticated as you like, but we think successful events will tick some of the following points below:

– Have you got an office table tennis table? On Friday 3 August, get it out on the street and meet your neighbours over an after hours game.

– Does an outdoor table near you never seem to get used? Put up posters on and around the table, hand out flyers and get people together.

– Is there a space near you that’s run down or unwelcoming? You’ll be amazed how the simple joy of ping pong can transform it.

– Does your youth club/table tennis club need more members? Then think of your Next    Big Ping event as a recruitment drive!

More detail coming soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about how you can get involved by emailing us on and see our future ping pong guide to get inspired. We suggest you use the Ping Pong Map to find existing tables and the Plan It Ping Pong social network to help plan and promote your event..

Read the NEXT BIG PING PRESS RELEASE 040712 now.

Interact with other ping pong-ers, events and tables here

Thanks, The English Ping Pong Association

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