The Next Big Ping – Participate

Welcome to our short guide to making the most of the Next Big Ping. Read the points below and remember, the day is about having fun, creating a spectacle. Something people want to recreate again and again!

1. Firstly it is important to understand why we think the simple game of ping pong is so important to us individually and in building stronger communities. We firmly believe every urban community should have access to a free-to-play ping pong table, and its important people are taught how to use it best. The game has so many benefits to us physically and psychologically as well providing a social focus for the community too.

2. So, you want to get involved do you? You now need to decide whether you want to plan an event or join one someone else already has planned by checking our facebook page. Surprise people by taking ping pong to unusual public spaces or find one of the hundreds of existing tables, including those installed by Ping! England by checking these two maps EPPA Map & Ping Map.

3. If you are planning your own event, please tell us about it by emailing us or posting to our Facebook page. We’ll help you promote the event from there.
You should also consider what you’ll need to make your ping pong street party a success. Read more here [link to extracts from guide / existing fb page and intro etc]

4. Some quick tips for getting started:
Once you know where you’re going to be playing, make sure you have plenty of bats and balls. Bats can be bought for as little as £1 each , and balls cheaply from most local sports shops. The more bats you have, the more people can get involved. And that’s good, right?

Know what games you expect people to get involved in. Do you want to hold a tournament, coach people or play round-the-table – so everyone can get stuck in? That’s how we like to play and so do the trendy folks in Berlin and Copenhagen. We’d advise you to avoid winner-stays-on. That gets pretty boring for most of us doesn’t it?

The EPPA and YOI will be leading Round-the-table flashmob type parties at 1pm, 5pm and 8pm. Do the same near you, to be part of the population bouncing simultaneously. To be part of this nationwide flashmobbing click here for your instructions prior to the event!

5. Record any events you organise or participate in. Snap them or film them, and most of all talk to people. Urge people to use our networks get together again, and again. And again.

6. Share your photos, videos and stories via or Facebook. We can’t wait to see all your creative ways of playing urban ping pong.

7. With many of the Ping! street tables still out in public spaces, and dozens of tables already permanently installed for you enjoyment, why not make a new start. From now on – make sure you always carry bats and balls in your bag. They’re all you need to start a ping pong party anywhere, anytime…

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