Outdoor Tables

Outdoor Tables:

Central London:

1. Regent’s Park, Tennis Centre, Westminster, NW1 4RU                                                        1no. table near tennis courts 

North London:

Whittington Park, Holloway Road N19. Islington
2no. Outdoor Tables
Local ping pong enthusiasts have established the Whittington Park Table Tennis Association – you can find out more, and even join them here
(bats and balls available to borrow from the park keeper)

Wray Crescent, Turle Road, Islington N4
1no. table in play area.

Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, Greenway Close, Hackney N4 2EY
1no. table in front of café

Shoreditch Park, New North Road, N1 6TA
2no. tables (by playground)

Butterfield Green, Shakespeare Walk, N16 8TX
2no. tables (1 by playground & 1 by bandstand)

Rosemary Gardens, Southgate Road, N1 3JP
4no. tables (by tennis courts)

East London:

Haggerston Park, Audrey Street off Goldsmith’s Row, E2 8QH
1no. table (near play area)

Central Park, High Street South, East Ham, E6 6EJ
2no. tables (near tennis courts)

New Beckton Park, Savage Gardens, East Ham, E6
2no. tables (as part of redeveloped play area)

Brampton Park, Masterman Road, East Ham, E6
2no. tables (1 near trim trail and 1 near play area)

Priory Park, Grangewood Street, East Ham, E6
1no. tables (with play area)

Royal Victoria Gardens, Pier Road, Off Albert Road
1no. table (by kiosk)

Cundy Road Open Space, Victoria Dock Road Canning Town, E16
1no. table (by play area)

Star Park, Star Lane West Ham, E16
1no. table (near school)

Stratford Park, West Ham Lane, Stratford, E15
2no. tables (1 by fountain and 1 by play area)

South London:

Camberwell Green Camberwell Road, SE5, 1 table (near play area)

Dulwich Park, College Road, SE21 7BQ, 4 tables (near the 10+ play area)

East Greenwich Pleasaunce, Chevening Road, SE10, 1 table by Pistachio café

Avery Hill Park, Bexley Road, SE9, 2 tables (by the café)

Sutcliffe Park, Meadowside, SE9 5LW, 2 tables (on approach to running tracks)

Eltham Park South, Glenesk Road, SE9 1QT, 2 tables (between café and tennis courts)

23. Charlton Park, Charlton Park Road, SE7 8HX, 2 tables (near outdoor gym)

West London:

Paddington Recreation Ground, Maida Vale, W9 1PD, 2 tables (near tennis courts)


There are outdoor table tennis tables in the following Bristol Parks:

The Dings Park, Oxford Street, St. Phillips BS5

Gaunts Ham Park, Lincoln Street, Lawrence Hill, BS5

Netham Park, Avonvale Road, Barton Hill, BS5

St. Agnes Park, Thomas Street, St. Pauls, BS2

Montpelier Park, St. Andrews Road, BS6

St. George’s Park, Church Road, St. George, BS5


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