About Ping Pong

Table Tennis in England is governed by the English Table Tennis Association (ETTA). However, the serious sport of table tennis is perceived by many as rather old-fashioned and exclusive. The sport at a competitive level has something of an image problem: league teams up and down the country are populated by paunchy middle-aged men in unnecessarily tight shorts, attracted to a game that can be played to a good standard even as one’s mobility is reduced by age and beer intake.

There are, however, an increasing number of ¬†informal groups, right across the country embracing table tennis’s more social cousin, ping pong. Different variations are flourishing, but there has been a particular explosion in the popularity of round-the-table ping pong.

The resurrection of the English Ping Pong Association after a 108 year hiatus has provided a democratic, informal network to champion and nurture the social and grass-roots versions of the game.

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